Open Wounds

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My mind is running in circles, but my body is stuck in one place. I’m so manic I’m depressed. I didn’t even know that was possible. On December 20th I was in a car accident—just got my car back last week (new transmission, fuck). The other guy made an injury claim. I shouldn’t talk about this, but I can’t help …

Take Off Your Mask

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It’s okay to be sad. Depressed. Angry. Annoyed. Guilty. Afraid. Disappointed. Desperate. Conflicted. Frustrated. Hurt. Worried. Remorseful. Resentment. Overwhelmed. Anxious. If you feel negative; it’s okay. If you feel positive, that’s definitely okay too, but this article is for those not feeling so great, or for you when you don’t feel good. I’m telling you it’s okay.