Take Off Your Mask

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It’s okay to be sad. Depressed. Angry. Annoyed. Guilty. Afraid. Disappointed. Desperate. Conflicted. Frustrated. Hurt. Worried. Remorseful. Resentment. Overwhelmed. Anxious. If you feel negative; it’s okay. If you feel positive, that’s definitely okay too, but this article is for those not feeling so great, or for you when you don’t feel good. I’m telling you it’s okay.

Listening to Yourself: The Backbone of Recovery

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We’re onto our THIRD KEY TO SUCCESS in the Massey Approach to Recovery. You can find Key One here and Key Two here for reference. Key Three is all about Listening To Yourself. This is so important because it is the basis for success! It is the backbone to both change and stability—listening to yourself is the key behind it …