Open Wounds

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My mind is running in circles, but my body is stuck in one place. I’m so manic I’m depressed. I didn’t even know that was possible. On December 20th I was in a car accident—just got my car back last week (new transmission, fuck). The other guy made an injury claim. I shouldn’t talk about this, but I can’t help …

Take Off Your Mask

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It’s okay to be sad. Depressed. Angry. Annoyed. Guilty. Afraid. Disappointed. Desperate. Conflicted. Frustrated. Hurt. Worried. Remorseful. Resentment. Overwhelmed. Anxious. If you feel negative; it’s okay. If you feel positive, that’s definitely okay too, but this article is for those not feeling so great, or for you when you don’t feel good. I’m telling you it’s okay.

Finding Your Own Super Power: How To Be Adaptable

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Adaptability, or our SECOND KEY TO SUCCESS, simply means responding effectively to change; whether that is conditions, the environment, or within yourself. It is so important because it touches on not only what we are already good at, but what we need to improve and be on the lookout for. As we move though this article, I will mention some …