Finding Your Own Super Power: How To Be Adaptable

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Adaptability, or our SECOND KEY TO SUCCESS, simply means responding effectively to change; whether that is conditions, the environment, or within yourself. It is so important because it touches on not only what we are already good at, but what we need to improve and be on the lookout for. As we move though this article, I will mention some …

15 Phenomenal Reasons Bullet Journaling Will Benefit Your Mental Health

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On Tuesday, I discussed some of the many benefits of starting a bullet journal and how to go about doing so. The reason I love my bullet journal (or BuJo) so much is because not only does it help organize my life, but it helps make sense of the crazy chaos in my head. It keeps me on a schedule, …

Lithium Salt Flame buring

Lithium-Laced Fire

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Since I started this blog, I have been diagnosed with a major illness (diabetes), begun to contact grad schools, fallen into a deep depression, finally settled a major lawsuit I have been battling for over two and a half years, researched and set up an appointment with a new psychiatrist, and had my first two evaluation sessions for Transcranial Magnetic …